Change is a Good Thing: What we learned about social media in 2019

By Melissa

In 2019, social media reminded us that change is a good thing! Algorithms, formats and capabilities on Facebook and Instagram changed dramatically throughout 2019. For the first time in years, these changes actually worked to help marketers, small businesses and nonprofits. Here are a few of our favorite changes from the last year of the decade:

  1. New fundraising tools on Facebook: The addition of a donate button in Instagram profiles and donate sticker in Facebook stories gave nonprofits two new ways to raise money to drive change.
  2. The Creator Studio Expands: Facebook’s Creator Studio evolved to become the tool you can’t live without. With new options to track source, add music and manipulate video, the studio has doubled as an information center and content building tool.
  3. Appointment booking through Messenger: This new feature lets businesses integrate their calendar and appointment software with Facebook, allowing them to accept appointment bookings when potential customers message them. This turns message leads into real appointments.
  4. Organic Targeted Posts: Facebook pages with more than 10,000 followers can now organically target posts to their “top fans,” classified by Facebook as those who engage the most. This gives way for exclusivity campaigns and personalized posting.
  5. The Relevance Score Divide: Facebook has given marketers a new bank of information by dividing the relevance score – the 1-out-of-10 ranking of ad performance – into three categories: quality ranking, engagement rate ranking and conversion ranking. A divided look at these three allows ad-creators more data to use in creating ads that appeal to their specific audience.

While change can be scary (we’re looking at you, Instagram likes), Facebook and Instagram working WITH marketers and businesses in 2019 gives us faith that 2020 changes will continue with us in mind.