Maximizing the Effectiveness of Video

By Katy

In the old days (roughly 1-2 years ago), creating engaging videos for your content strategy was a bit of a luxury. If you wanted more than a shaky video shot on your phone in bad lighting, you typically had to call in the pros, with their fancy equipment and high price tags.

But today, video is critical to your overall marketing strategy:

Videos outperform photos on social media by 157%*. Algorithms on Facebook and Instagram prioritize videos because they engage users. The more videos you watch (and the more time spent on each video) tells the algorithm that the content you’re enjoying is relevant and entertaining.

Additionally, videos on social media generate 1200%** (not a typo – there are four digits there) more shares than images do. Frankly, there’s just more content included within videos – more opportunities for someone to think, “I’m enjoying this, and I bet my friends will too.”

The good news is that creating high-quality videos is easier than ever – you just need a few special tools, some great ideas and the confidence to do it!

The Special Tools

There’s literally no end to the gear you can buy to create awesome videos. But we’ve found a few tools that we swear by:

  • Gimble/Stabilizer – This tool allows you to shoot without the shake. Create smother videos when shooting while walking or panning across a crowd, building, etc.
  • Tripod – The tried and true tripod is more essential than ever. Get a phone mount to ensure steady videos, putting the focus back on your subject.
  • Lights – You don’t need huge lighting kits with umbrellas. You just need a light or two that a helper can hold or you can put on a mini tripod to ensure your subject is illuminated.
  • Lavalier Mic – A lavalier mic is essential if you need to shoot more than a few feet away from the subject who’s talking. Plug the mic into your phone and you can concentrate on the video composition rather than whether or not you can hear your subject.
  • Subtitling Software – Adding subtitles to your videos is a must. More than 85%*** of individuals are scrolling through social media with the sound off, so adding subtitles is an essential addition to your videos.

The Great Ideas

Depending on your type of business and industry, there’s no limit to the videos you can shoot that will enhance your overall marketing strategy. A few we love:

  • Unboxing (great for retail)
  • Tips (great for service businesses)
  • Q&As
  • Announcing events (much more effective than text graphics)
  • Showing the process of a service
  • Behind-the-scenes looks
  • Live sales

If you’re still unsure of video best practices, give us a call! We love shooting videos for clients that are engaging, authentic and productive.