Retail Reopening Checklist

By Katy

Following the new recommendations about when it’s safe to reopen physical businesses, now is a great time to get your reopening plan in place.  Your new priority: alert your customers that you’re open.

We’ve created a must-do marketing checklist below with guidelines you can follow to ensure you’re getting the word out across all avenues.

Video Creation

We’ve said it a hundred times – videos are the best way to get your message in front of your customers, and they don’t have to be fancy productions. Here are some video ideas for you to consider before reopening:

  • A walk-through showing how you’ve cleaned and disinfected the space
  • A walk-through showing shopping paths and 6-foot markers, as well as hand sanitizers
  • Remind viewers about the items in-store that they may not have been able to purchase online during quarantine.

Remember, your aim in these videos should be to give your customers a reason to come in, while showing them how you’ll keep them safe.

Email Creation

Sure, you’ve been emailing customers all along, but put together an “official reopening” email outlining opening dates and times, as well as shopping guidelines (shopping paths, 6-foot markers) and more.

If you have any special shopping hours for medical personnel or high-risk individuals, make sure to include those as well.

Outdoor Signage

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your sign or banner letting people know you’re open. Order a banner now and leave space to change the hours of operation as your business stays open longer.

Social Media Countdown

Consider doing a “countdown to opening” on social media when you have a firm date. This will generate excitement and make shopping with you an event. Keep in mind that some of your customers may not be comfortable visiting your location. This countdown should also promote your curbside pickup options.

Social Media Groups

We know you’ll be posting on social media about your reopening, but consider sharing the details to specific Facebook groups. Auburn Opelika Parents, What’s going on in Auburn and Opelika and AU Students are great for getting the word out.

Social Media Ads

Once you know your reopening date, allocate a small budget ($50-$100 should do the trick) to run a Facebook ad with images of your store and the precautions you’re taking. Include the pertinent information in the caption rather than creating a graphic – it will garner more engagement.

The social media video you created can be repurposed for these ads. Just don’t forget to add subtitles!

We hope you’ll need this checklist sooner rather than later. But whenever stay-at-home orders are lifted for your business, these items will help you to be prepared on the front end to get the word out!

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