Small Business Social Media Tips During COVID-19

By Melissa

Business owners, managers and employees are all going through a scary, unprecedented time. We understand how the uncertainty of Covid-19 is impacting local businesses, so we’re offering some tip to help you weather the storm until this pandemic passes.

  1. Show Your Face: Your customers want to feel like they are supporting YOU, your employees and your family. Shoot a short thank you video to connect your brand to your real, authentic life. Continue to show your face throughout this new period in life. Don’t be afraid to show behind the scenes of how you’re working from home.
  1. Tell Your Audience How to Support You: This seems like a given, but it’s not! It’s important to lay out exactly how your customers can support your business. For example, many restaurants are already letting customers know about curbside delivery, but are they mentioning other ways to help? Online reviews, gift card purchases and even a tip fund for wait staff can all be explained on social media. People may not want the same food every night, but it doesn’t mean they have to limit their support to one takeout meal per week.
  1. Increase Your Posting: With more people at home, social media traffic is up. Take advantage of the influx of eyes on your posts by giving your viewers more to engage with. Show off your supporters, advertise your specials, show love to other brands and check in with your audience. On stories, post a poll or ask a question to engage your audience.

We know these are trying times, but we’re here to help! Schedule a free one-on-one consultation with our team to get some marketing help and ask questions.