About Us

Who are we? What’s the deal with the name?

Here Molly Girl is a full-service marketing and design firm based in Auburn, Alabama. But thanks to the wonder of the Internet, we serve businesses all over. Our clients range from retail and service to industrial, political, legal and more. We excel at providing exceptional work that goes above and beyond what’s expected. We also live by the rule, “Be nicer than you have to be.”

Here Molly Girl combines the best of a traditional marketing and design firm, with unique aspects that truly benefit our clients. We are a virtual company, allowing all our employees to work from home – wherever home is. When we need to get together, we have a creativity space in Auburn that’s ideal for brainstorming and meetings.  Our team has flexible schedules that accommodate real life in the 21st century. This equals happy employees, efficient work without the typical office distractions and more affordable rates for our clients.

Our Team

Katy started Here Molly Girl in 2016 and has nearly 20 years of experience in marketing. When she’s not working, you can find her on the tennis court, in the pottery studio, or hanging out with her husband, Alex, son, Robert, and two rescue dogs, Heidi and Lillie.

Katy Harper Doss


Melissa started as an intern with Here Molly Girl and has risen through the ranks ever since. When she’s not managing accounts, she’s exploring the outdoors with fiancé Christopher and tiny sidekicks, dachshunds Leo and Rosie.

Melissa Parker

Chief Operations Officer

Jess joined Here Molly Girl in 2017 and has taken on much of the graphic design and photography work. When she’s not behind the computer, you can find her traveling with her husband, Brian, daughters Jayne and Lillian and fur baby, Paisley.

Jessica Miller

Photographer/Graphic Designer

Based in Southern California, Melinda handles a wide range of graphic design work for Here Molly Girl. When she’s not being charmed by the glow of her computer screen, you can find her traveling the world with her husband, Jesse, squished between two dogs – Ellie and Shiva.

Melinda Draut

Graphic Designer

Shelbie joined the Here Molly Girl team in 2021. She and her husband Brannon have two cats – Pop and Lizzie.

Shelbie Wallace

Account Executive

Meet our Team (and have a laugh or two)

Check out Katy’s Young Business Person of the Year Award Video!

How We’re Different

If you’re looking for marketing help, chances are you’ve seen several options out there. It can be confusing to wade through various companies, individuals and internet-based services to find the fit that’s right for you.

In addition to great people who are fun to work with, here’s how Here Molly Girl is different from many of the others:

Transparent Pricing
Investing in professional help for your marketing is just that – an investment. And while there will always be someone who can come in with a lower bid, one thing is certain with Here Molly Girl – the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay. We pride ourselves on fair, accurate pricing, and never include hidden fees or extra charges for work that was originally quoted in your proposal. The only charges you will ever see on your bill are ones that you have been informed about and agreed upon ahead of time. Typically, those include expenses incurred by us on your behalf – social media ads, print ads, signage, etc.

When a project runs outside the scope of what was originally quoted, we’ll talk about it. It happens. We promise to always be up front with you about what you’re paying, and to never add costs to your invoice that will come as a surprise.

File Ownership
When Here Molly Girl completes work for you, you own the files. This is a big departure from how many agencies are run, but it’s an important one. Once your invoice is paid, the ownership of any work we’ve done on your behalf is transferred to you. That includes the working files (Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator files, in particular), fonts and other elements that came together in your final product.

We believe in good juju. Sure, once you own the files, you could reuse them over and over on your own. You could hire another agency and give them the files as a jumping off point. But we hope you’ll come back to us for future projects. We don’t believe in holding your files hostage simply because we don’t want anyone else to do work for you. That’s not a good business model, and it’s certainly not the way to maintain a good reputation.

The Name

You know you’re wondering…

Molly was Katy’s first dog, and aside from her husband and son, was the love of her life. She always found herself saying, “Here Molly Girl,” whenever she would give her a treat, take her for a walk or let her up on the bed. Katy was giving Molly things she loved, which made her happy too. The phrase “Here Molly Girl” became synonymous with happiness.