What We Do

(We do it all, but here are the highlights.)

“Full Service Marketing” means exactly that – “full service marketing.” Whether you have a few marketing needs here and there, or are looking for a full-fledged strategy and implementation specialist, Here Molly Girl has you covered. Our experience in all aspects of marketing makes us uniquely able to handle whatever you can throw at us. Check out the list below of services we provide our clients.

Don’t see what you’re looking for on this list? No sweat. Just give us a call and we’ll talk about your specific needs and how to help you reach your goals.

Marketing Strategy

How can you grow a business if no one can find you? Get your message (or product or service or specialty) out there and in front of your customers. Here Molly Girl learns about your business and tailors a marketing strategy to your specific goals, simultaneously tackling the “low-hanging fruit” and the “pie in the sky.”

Website Development

Maybe you’ve got a website built during the Clinton era and need a complete overhaul. Or maybe your site’s OK, but could benefit from a little nip and tuck. Or – shudder – maybe you don’t have a website at all. Whatever your web situation, we’ve got you covered with thoughtful design, SEO-friendly content and an easy-to-use interface.

Logos & Branding

Your logo and branding are arguably the most important piece of design work you’ll ever create for your business. Don’t skimp! At Here Molly Girl, we have experience designing custom logo suites and branding guides for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Whether you’re just starting out or ready for a logo overhaul, we work with you every step of the way.

Promotion Development

Creative ideas, implemented strategically – that’s our specialty. Whether you’re looking for seasonal promotions to maximize sales, monthly promotions to increase customers or simply need help with a grand opening or special event, we’ll work to ensure your business enjoys a thoughtful promotion that gets results.

Customer Engagement

You know you’re awesome. So do we. And we’ll work day in and day out to make sure your customers know it too. No matter your business or industry, Here Molly Girl gets your message out through traditional and emerging methods. From email marketing and social media ads, to focus groups, surveys and more, we utilize strategies to get results.

Graphic Design

Whether you’re in the market for a simple postcard or mailer to get the word out about your business, or a multi-page collateral piece with all the bells and whistles, Here Molly Girl is equipped to handle any graphic design need that may arise. We specialize in logo and branding development tailored to you and your business.

Video Production

From simple videos shot on a phone for social media to full-scale, multi-day shoots that require professional camera equipment, lights and boom mics, Here Molly Girl does it all. We understand the importance of video production within an organization’s marketing strategy, and tailor your video needs to fit your business.

Social Media Management

There’s much more to managing social media for your business than putting up a post and getting on with your day. Here Molly Girl manages all aspects of your business’s social media, from creating engaging content to keeping up with complex changes in each platform’s algorithm – freeing you up to actually manage your business.

Event Marketing & Consulting

Having an event? Let’s get people there! A lot more goes into the planning than you might think. At Here Molly Girl, we’re great at working with you to think through the details and then create an implementation plan. From invitation design to day-of logistics, we’ve got you covered.


If your business needs to target customers, geotargeting is a fantastic way to catch them where they’re looking – their phone. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to deliver relevant ad content to your targeted demographics on a more accurate level through GPS signals, geo-fencing, and more.

Google Ads

If you’re ready to promote your product or service on Google Search, YouTube, and other sites across the web, Here Molly Girl delivers through the Google Display Network and Google’s AdSense program. We choose specific goals for your ads and customize your budget and target demographics, honing in on your ideal customer.