Hashtags, Out! SEO Isn’t Just for Websites Anymore

Not too long ago, hashtags burst onto the social media scene as a way for users to let Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn know what their post was about. Savvy content creators used a bevy of hashtags to “work the system” and get more eyes on their posts. However, hashtags are quickly (and fairly quietly) being replaced with more traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization), particularly on Instagram.  

With Instagram’s algorithm, the social media landscape has shifted to require keywords to drive traffic to a profile.  

Developing strong SEO strategies will maximize a profile’s visibility and engagement, so it’s important to understand the best SEO practices. SEO for social media involves crafting a caption with relevant keywords, as well as including elements on the overall Instagram profile to reach your target audience by increasing the likelihood of appearing in search results.  

Follow Here Molly Girl’s tips for incorporating SEO in your social strategy:  

  1. Profile keywords: The Instagram bio, username and profile information should contain the most relevant keywords to help reach your target audience.  
  2. Captions: Keywords should be naturally incorporated into captions and comments to boost discoverability.  
  3. Quality content: Emphasizing high-quality content that is visually appealing will resonate more with the intended target audience and further encourage engagement.  
  4. Staying up-to-date: Staying on top of trends and the most relevant keywords will help you adapt to Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm and ensure content remains impactful – as long as it’s relevant for your business. 

Instagram’s prioritization of SEO over hashtags marks a strategic shift in social media that affects profile and content discoverability and relevance. And it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Users should embrace SEO to maximize audience engagement on the platform. This will drive growth and success in the evolving social media world.